"Excellence through total Moderation" - Cleobulus

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Welcome Note

Hello! If you managed to here all by yourself, chances are that I wrote something that caught your attention. Good!

This blog is named "Perpertual Duality" as a tribute to our world's dyadic nature where everything is double-sided. 

Good - Bad, Black - White, Correct - Wrong, 0 - 1.

All seems to have been evolved from this simple yet so significant bipolar system, where just like acrobats we try to find our path and balance through constant fluctuation between two opposites.

The ancient Greek philosopher Cleobulus (Greek Κλεόβουλος) captured this eternal effort for equilibrium with "Pan Metron Ariston" (Greek "Πάν Μέτρον Άριστον"), the translation seen at the top.

It has been a common stereotype to think that computers and technology have nothing to do with nature and the real world, but more with theory and mathematics. 

Yet I believe it to be a misconception. Computer Science is the ultimate expression of man's desire to understand this two-sided, binary nature of things; the logic behind it all using the two simplest and most fundamental structures: of true and false.

I am a Computer Scientist and working as a Software Engineer at Zuhlke Engineering in London.

This blog is a little journal with various software engineering stories and anecdotes from experiences and situations that I have come across as a Software Engineer in this strive to find solutions to ... dyadic problems :-). 

Hope you find it interesting, helpful and, who knows, may be even ... inspiring?

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